A. You can reach us via email at Support@FastBackRewards.com or by phone at 1-800-444-0863.


A. You can provide a mobile phone number during registration and use text messaging to verify your account.



  • Deep discounts on items, based on your purchase history.
  • Instantly delivered! Your reward will be sent by text or email after your purchase at a FastBack Rewards participating location. (Must be a registered user with a verified account to participate.)

FastBack Card

A: If the card has been registered, you simply have to get another card from one of our participating locations and change the card number on-line. If the card is unregistered, you will have to get a new card and no rewards will be saved/carried over.


A. Points are earned by registered users through purchases at participating Fastback Rewards locations. Earned points can be redeemed as cash.

You Swipe, We Give

A: A way to use our Loyalty program for a good cause. Whenever a FastBack Rewards card is swiped or a registered mobile phone number is entered during a transaction completed in the months of October and November, Fastback Rewards will donate 10¢ to our selected charities.

Swipe To Win/25 Days Of Giving

A: A way to encourage and reward our customer base to continue the use of their fast back rewards card as a means to obtain club benefits such as milk, soda, coffee and now cash and prize winnings.